More classrooms should use electronic textbooks

Technology is the way of the future. And it’s cost effective, too.

Most students already have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet. Why not take advantage of that accessibility and combine with classroom instruction?

The University of Houston-Victoria’s decision to embrace electronic textbooks for instruction is the right move in terms of cost-savings and improving instruction.

Some higher education students are already taking advantage of e-textbooks to complete assignments and follow along in the classroom on their tablets and smartphones. Gino Tozzi, a political science lecturer, has used electronic textbooks for his classes since spring 2014. As the materials area easy to access through downloads or online resources, the students stay in tune with the studies by opening an app and a simple swipe of a finger.

At the end of the semester, Tozzi surveyed his students to evaluate whether the students valued the new method for distributing the classroom materials. Of the 87 students surveyed, 92 percent expressed they were more likely to read the instructional material on a screen than in a traditional textbook.

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