How to save on college textbooks

If your student is headed to a college campus, you’re probably still waiting to buy all of the textbooks their professors are requiring. Before you fork over big bucks at the campus bookstore, you should check prices at several online book sellers.

Jot down the international standard book number or ISBN of each textbook you need to buy. You’ll find it on the barcode. That is all you need to search for the book on competitor’s websites.

We compared the price of an English textbook called “Read, Reason & Write.” It costs $133.30 new at the University of Houston campus bookstore.

You can save $53.31 by getting it at Chegg for $79.99.

At, an eBay company, you can get a used copy for $63.20, saving you $70.

We found the least expensive way to get the textbook is to rent it from Amazon for just $35.00.
Renting it at the campus bookstore is almost $80 more.

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