IS The Nook Study The Future Of Textbooks?

English: Logo for the Barnes & Noble Nook
English: Logo for the Barnes & Noble Nook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barnes & Noble,  Incorporated .  ( BKS ) is revolutionizing the way further education scholars get their course material by offering the NOOK Study, which is a digital textbook reading application.  According to a Barnes & Noble promotional release, NOOK study was initially introduced in July of 2010.  NOOK study permits scholars to get and download a full digital version of a textbook to their laptop PC and home PC.  NOOK study is among the techniques Barnes & Noble is using the varsity textbook market, where scholars spend a median of $650 a year on textbooks.  With over 20,000,000 students in the U.S.

Alone, the market is north of $13 bill a year in varsity textbook sales.  Now , NOOK study downloads are restricted to only a few operating software systems. But according to Barnes & Noble’s internet site, NOOK study will shortly be available on Apple ( AAPL ) iPads.

Have you tried this program? What do you think?

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