New Digital Textbook Company Includes Audiobook Versions

The digital textbook market has a new entrant. Lead Winds has launched two digital textbooks on an online platform with chapter-by-chapter access to the written textbook, an audiobook version, videos that teach the chapters, slideshows and extra videos of students and instructors sharing study notes and tips for each chapter. The cost: $35 per student.

An instructor version of the same textbook includes everything the students receive, along with a test bank of questions, review and discussion questions, project ideas and a library of online resources.

The materials are customizable, according to the company. “We can’t rewrite a whole textbook for you, but if you get with us with what you might need, we will do what we can to add what you need for you and your students,” the website stated. Also, if students want a printed version of the textbook, Lead Winds said it would do a print-on-demand copy for $10 to $15. The company uses the Thinkific online training platform to deliver its materials.


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